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Let's just call them navy stories. I like navies that are essentially
We were tied to a dock just outside the marina in Grand Cayman when four
Venezuelan Navy boats tied up astern of us. Little ones like you would use for
coastal or fisheries work. Because Angela spoke spanish we got invited aboard
for the grand tour.
The story was that these young kids ( I think doing compulsory military
service) had been sent to the US to pick up these four new boats. The kid in
charge had been given quite a reasonable sized wad of money in case there was
anything needed to be done/added before heading back to V. He'd had a look
around, decided the boats were fine, except there was no music on board.
So he used all the money given to him by the navy and added to each boat a
sound system suitable for a Rolling Stones Concert.
Every night they were there, we ( and everybody within a 5 mile radius)were
kept awake by salsa music till 3 am.
Another one: couple of years later I was delivering a Catana Catamaran up the
west coast of Mexico when we were stopped by the Mex. navy for a routine
inspection. Eight guys come over in a small boat, seven wearing military
looking jackets and ex US helmets. No. 8 had a jacket, but they had run out of
helmets, so he was wearing a PINK BICYCLE HELMET. I loved Mexico.
Of course in Auckland the NZ navy has just put yellow buoys around it's three
ships as an anti-terrorist measure. Imagine intercepting this message: "Osama,
we can't plant this limpet mine, those fiendish Kiwi infidels have put a
yellow buoy in the way".
Jim- Are you the guy building a Harry in Nelson? If so how about an update?

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Got a great story about the Venezuelan navy but people here want to read
proas, not old sailing stories.

Not much traffic at the moment, let's hear it.


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