Subject: [harryproa] Re: Time
From: "Robert" <>
Date: 1/11/2006, 3:21 AM

Bain, working mainly on his own, has just about completed his Harry
doing a lovely job. Hopefully the pics should be on the site in the
next update unless they can be down loaded to the group Files. He has
taken a similar calendar time to 'Rare Bird'. Suspect in peson hours it
would be round half the time of the Visionarry,

--- In, David Howie <dana-tenacity@u...>
> Thanks for all the answers so far.
> We have an estimate of material costs, what about time to complete.
> mentioned elsewhere harrigami was 450 hrs but I also note the
visionarry in
> the thousands of hours. Where does Harry fit in? I'm assuming Harry in
> his(her???) latest permutation as it seems to be an ongoing process.

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