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From: David Howie
Date: 1/11/2006, 6:26 PM

Tell your wife I've done over 150,000 miles. What really attracted me was the
idea of simplicity, a true minimalist boat. When you've lived on a boat with
two heads, hot and cold pressured water, generator, etc.etc.  etc. you realize
that all you do is repair/maintain equipment instead of enjoying yourself as
planned. I want to get back to the style of my first boat: compass sextant and
leadline. Interesting in one of his articles Rob said he started off by
looking at a simpler rig and ended up simplifying the whole boat.
Rob, whats the current state of affairs with this poly honey comb business? Is
it better faster cheaper? Are you ready to run with it? Is it available in

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I am lookin at doing the same. Building all the fiddly bits while
learning to do resin infusion and then building the hulls in half
sections and sticking them all together at the club yard. Using
polyprop honeycomb there shouldn't be any connecting issues other
than making sure the hulls line up properly. As the ends are mirror
images it shouldn't be a big problem provided I carefully mark out
the centreline and waterlines. Though, as the hulls don't take all
that long to build I could almost build one in the yard one between
landlord house inspections.
Interesting that most of the people seriously contemplating building
Harryproas have had a fair amount of experience offshore. I try to
bring this to the attention of my wife when someone with a smattering
of sailing under their belt and little understanding of engineering
tells her that they wouldn't go out in one. It would be an
interesting comparison to compare the average sea time of Harry
afficiandos with those of other types of boats and what they think
about its seaworthiness.
It may help overcome the trepidation of partners in attempting
something that makes sense that is not in the main stream


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> Rob
> Could you please give me the dimensions of the various Harry
> components? I'm looking into whether I could build each separately
> the limited space at home ( saving a bundle over renting a shop) and
> then assembling it at the local club yard.
> Mostly looking for the longest, widest etc of each piece. Assuming
> such a program is viable?
> I remember racing against Rockie, didn't know you were that old.
> she hit the water I was racing a Peterson one tonner
called "Warchild"
> As each new Farr hit the water we would slip one place in the fleet.
> The following year I was working with a local sailmaker and scored
> rides on a number of boats, most well known being Smirnoff and
> Rangiriri (unfortunately in both cases after they had won something
> significant, I never acheived Rock Star status).
> Shortly after that I decided I preferred cruising and took off for 8
> yrs and 40,000 miles in a modified Cav 32, but that's another story.
> PS did you know Rick Shore? Pretty sure he sailed on Rockie.

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