Subject: [harryproa] Re: sailing Elementarry
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Date: 1/17/2006, 4:44 AM


Boats as light and canvassed as HP's mostly sail "close-hauled" due to
their high speed, so they need a rather flat sail profile. But to
start you need a hollow profile, so the sail should be tunable quickly.

I would see a 8.5m proa (maximum of M2 class) for 3 crew (minimum
number for racing on Lake Geneva), with easyrig, around 30-40m2 sail.
I am persuaded the easyrig is OK for racing, provided it is stiff.

One of the crew would be adjusting the sail permanently (making it
hollower in the lulls, flattening it when speed increases). Another
crew would be running up/down the tramp to keep the LW hull just above
the water, and the 3rd one steering.
And all crew could be going on trapezes when needed. So you need
running sidestays which can be attached to several selectable points
on the WW hull or on the beams.
To go on trapeze, you unhook them off the boat, and hook them on your
trapeze pants/harness whatever-the-word-is.
Naturally the rig must be self supported without the runners, for easy

I know it is quite a new boat, something between Harrigami and EL,
with more displacement. The Elementarry lw "sinks" about 1cm for 15kg,
for the 8.5m the figure should be 20-25kg, so a less fine lw hull.
The Elementarry is unfortunately a little too light for 3 racing crew
I am afraid, as we discussed last year.


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> Hi,
> Possibly the difference in sheeting in between you and the Tornado
lies in the fact that they where flying a spinnaker.
> That sail is so much fuller in shape it would redirect the wind
passing it much more than a flatter sail (or no sail at all) would.
> Some time ago I read an interesting article on a una rigged mono
with a wing mast. It was designed not to fly downwind extra's.
> The owner did have a gennaker but it only gave him one knot of extra
boat speed. It was concluded the tighter sheeting angle of the main
might be responsible for this. The gennaker would generate so much
disturbance of the air passing at the leeward side it doesn't attach
to the main any more. Therefore the main doesn't generate lift as it
does whith no head sail in front and is only  producing drag which
helps downwind but not as much as lift would.
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>   G'day,
>   Not sure the kite would have helped much as the apparent was well
forward of the beam.  Still intend to try it because they are such
great fun.  Interestingly, the Tornado was strapped in hard, traveller
on the centreline, whereas i was quite eased on the same point of sail
and at the same speed.   Lots to learn...

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