Subject: Re: [harryproa] 4m proa
From: "Rob Denney" <>
Date: 1/17/2006, 2:00 AM

Glad you like the little boat.  It should indeed be a simple project, with tinkering potential.  A windsurfer mast is almost certainly not stiff enough.  They are designed for one person hanging maybe 750mm/30" to windward.  Tenderarry is designed for the same weight 2 m to windward.  It will also have a wing mast.  a) because it is more user friendly than the pocket luff and b) because the 18m version will have one and the little boat is a test bed for the big one.
Order a set of plans and call it what you like!  The owner has named it tenderarry, so that is what it is.  However, he is on this list so maybe you will change his mind. 
Hi all,

Very interested by this project Rob has just mentioned today in the
rudder stiffness thread. It will be a nice simple building project for
beginners like me, or the ones who do not have much time, or other
quasi-armchair sailors...

For the sail I propose a windsurfer mast and rig, these things exist
with areas up to 7-8m. And you can have 2 or 3 different ones to use
depending on wind conditions.

My proposal for the name: enthousiarry, like the corresponding french
"kid cat" enthousiaste 3.10, made of ply (see,
"catamarans enfants").
This would be a boat which would allow tinkering with with low
financial consequences, so maybe also Tinkerarry would fit ;-)

bye to all

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