Subject: Re: [harryproa] 8.5m multi "box rule"
From: Mike Crawford
Date: 1/22/2006, 11:55 AM

  I think it was David Howie who wrote about the box rule, and it just shows up in my posts because I keep on replying in the same thread. 

  Any ideas David?

  BTW, If I wanted to race on Lake Geneva, I'd be much more likely to want something like those Décision 35's for which you provided a link..  That was you, Dominique, wasn't it?  In any case, I'm astounded by the sail area carried by those boats, and am truly amazed with the video that shows them flying hulls and sailing at speed without a single whitecap to be seen.  I'd simply love to sail one for a few days. 

  Those boats are way too finicky and fragile for something I'd get, provided I could afford one in the first place, but there's no denying that they are masterful speed machines, especially for light air.  While I love the schooner rig with flexible unstayed masts, I'm viewing this from the perspective of racing single-handed in gusty conditions.  In a real race, in low wind, with crews that know what they are doing, I'd have a hard time imagining anything beating  a Décision 35.

  I don't truly want one of those fast cats for a variety of reasons, but they sure do make me drool.  I'm going to go look at some Décision 35 photos now, and maybe watch that video again.

       - Mike

dominiquebovey wrote:
Mike just wrote about an 8.5m "box rule". On Lake Geneva, switzerland,
there are two multihull classes, M1 (10.8m hull length,
Alinghi/Bertarelli is doing this) and M2 (8.5m), see this link:
My conceptions of rig stiffness are somehow influenced by the sail
areas you see on the diagram... And lake geneva is terrible for wind,
with most summer races in ghosting conditions (including the "bold
d'or"), but in spring and fall there can be quite a lot of wind.
What is the "box rule" you are talking about,Mike?

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