Subject: [harryproa] Reynolds 33
From: "Robert" <>
Date: 1/28/2006, 11:58 PM

Don't know about a Reynolds 33 at 'only 3000lbs' being necessarily
faster . A 40'lw hull harry weighs not much more than half of that. You
can pile your stores in the ww hull to bring it to the same weight and
you have 50% more righting moment and a longer waterline length with
higher prismatic coefficient for the hull with the load on it so you
can push it harder before pichpoling. This 3000lb is not much less than
the 3700lbs for 50' Visionary, a cruiser built in strip plank. 
Sometimes I wonder at the figures for Harry designs in contrast with
catamarans and tris and try to work out where the differences are but
there are now five built and the reality confirms the estimated weights.

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