Subject: Re: Fw: [harryproa] Re: sailing Elementarry
From: Mike Crawford
Date: 1/29/2006, 6:14 PM

 There have been times that I thought you seemed a bit overly decided about things, and given that you weigh in on a lot of topics with definite opinions, that can have an effect.

 I think it's mostly due to the nature of electronic communications, though.  You're pretty brief with your writing, and that can leave some question as to the meaning behind what you say.  It's very easy to misunderstand the tone in an electronic discussion, especially if it's a discussion that involves disagreement.  Being more careful with one's writing can help, but even that has its limits.  I'm sure there are some that are already tired of my long posts, and there's probably nothing to be done about that.

 More to the point, I'm glad you're on the discussion forum.  Sure, sometimes I think to myself "geez, Robert has an opinion about this too?", but that's my own problem.  Everything you say has logical merit, and from what you say about your past, experiential merit, too.  Maybe your ideas are right for me, maybe not, but they're worth hearing just the same.  Like you said -- sometimes it's important to have some disagreement and feedback when refining one's thoughts.

 Besides, you seem to be a strip of glue that holds the forum together.  Without your regular posts, and the discussions that result from them, the group would be a heck of a lot less interesting and useful.

      - Mike

Robert wrote:

Glad thats sorted, hope I didn't appear too brash. I frequently
appear arrogant in my statements but need feedback to refine my ideas
and I have been known to talk crap and sometimes have niggling doubts
that I may be. This feedback is an important part of this forum for