Subject: Re: [harryproa] Re: mast bouyancy
From: "Chris Ostlind" <>
Date: 2/7/2006, 3:22 PM

So, Mike, what if a mast head flotation system could be built that actually enhanced the anti-capsize function while having a positive gain on aerodynamics? Would that get your interest?
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From: Mike Crawford
I've had conversations with three racer/cruiser open deck catamaran manufacturers about masthead flotation systems.  All three chose to avoid them because the extra windage that high is pretty significant, and also because they wanted to avoid weight at the masthead.

  One manufacturer decided to avoid righting systems altogether, one went with a compressed-gas system that will inflate a bag at the masthead, and one has yet to unveil its new righting system.

  A schooner rig with wing masts would likely offer enough flotation.  I'd still consider a compressed-gas system as well.  Either that or I'd keep an inflatable dinghy ready, as well as a spare halyard, and make sure I had a system to hoist it up the masts when the boat is on its side.

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