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Date: 2/10/2006, 9:33 AM

We made our own from carbon.   Weighs next to nothing, has about a one tonne/ton breaking load and is glued on.  It can be beefed up for high load points if required. We also made some plastic cars to fit on it.  Both work extremely well.  Unfortunately the track is tricky to make, so costs $150/m.  Probably not too bad if you consider the cost of alloy track, plus backing plate, plus fastenings and labour.  The cars are $50 each. 
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Did you make your own carbon rcb track or attach one that can be bought?
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> > Looks fantastic, Mark has done an incredibly good job.
> I really hope to see it sailing now !
> Nicolas
> He most certainly has.    Sailing trials should be next week, all
going well. 
> Some details:
> Mast length: 18m/60',
> Above deck: 16m/53'
> Diameter at base: 300mm/12"
> Diameter at tip: 100mm/4"
> Safety factor: 2.5
> Designed weight of bare tube: 119 kgs/262 lbs
> Actual weight of bare tube: 117 kgs/257 lbs
> Designed deflection with 153 kgs/337 lbs midway along mast: 178mm/7"
> Actual deflection with 153 kgs midway along the mast: 175mm/6.9"
> Designed tip deflection at capsize: 2.9m/9'8"
> Actual deflection at capsize: yet to be established!
> Cost of mast painted with top and bottom fittings:
$AUS15,000/$US10,800/9,000 Euros
> Additional cost for lightweight carbon rcb track bonded on:
$2,800/$US2,000/1,680 Euros
> regards,
> Rob

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