Subject: [harryproa] Re: leepods-pro
From: "proaconstrictor" <>
Date: 2/14/2006, 1:38 PM

--- In, "Mark Stephens" <stephens@o...>

> That isn't the argument, the argument is that
Brown ..................and along the way
> built 4 or so boats, the biggest footage of proas ever built by any
> one persons... Yatta Yatta.
> I'm up to 140ft, do I qualify? :>)
> Mark
> Mark Stephens
> 0431 486814

Absolutely, though you are lagging on sea miles, and years in the
proa game.  If he built 4 and not 3 you might be behing a few feet or
ahead quite a few, and your technology is certainly ahead a bit.  If
you build the next 3 visions you may become over-specialized. 
Delicate business all this certifcation.

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