Subject: [harryproa] Re: John Taylor's proa
From: "jjtctaylor" <>
Date: 2/15/2006, 9:27 AM

COL Campey,

As a cruising boat WITH (4) pax, 110 gal water, 45 gal fuel, generator,
Air Cond,..... all the bells and whistles.  My guess was 15208, Rob
thinks with improvements and optimization, 12000 total.  I don't know
all the included items on Rare Bird so sure that I have double counted
a few items.

39 ft WW, 60 Ft LW.  Central rig due to wings rotate 360 degrees. 
Granted most times will use only 180 degrees same as sail.  BUT when in
a dockage the wings will feather into the wind no matter from which
direction it is blowing.  The wing is "live" at all times.  Therefore
wing will hit dock and other boats.  Wing rudders have to feather,
otherwise it will drive the boat when at dock.  PLan is wings can be
disassembled without crane, but not a casual or routine procedure.

No protoype.  We will conduct computer modelling, then Mark will build
a full size wing and test it statically and bench test dynamically. 
Then if Rob and Mark can coordinate boats in progress, we will
substitute the wings for sails for a sea trial.  Just have to be
careful on the dock plan.  After test the wings they get shipped to me
for final install.

Kjell Dahlberg has a small prototype of a similar concept.  Very
successful.  Our challenge is best use of materials for weight
management aloft.  Sail area is 600+/- square feet.  That compares
favorably with 800-900 square feet sail.  At least the mathematics is
correct and correlates with Kjell's prototype tests.


--- In, "colcampey" <colcampey@h...> wrote:
> Hi Mark,
> Can you tell us more about JT's boat? eg What is its calculated
> weight?, why a central rig? is a prototype being built?
> Thanks,
> Col Campey

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