Subject: [harryproa] Re: safely using Drogues and Para Anchors
From: "Robert" <>
Date: 2/16/2006, 7:54 PM

For the harryproa there doesn't seem to be an issue as the boat is
stable to an anchor in a strong breeze. I like the idea of adjusting
the bridle for the wave direction relative to the wind

For single ended boats , a lot depends o the configuration of the
particular boat, according to where its centre of windage and centre
of underwater resistance. I have seen a video put out on heavy
weather sailing for modern monos, and they had a hard time with a sea
anchor as the boat would tack on the rode till beam on to the seas.
Lying a hull was a disaster , and the only thing they found worked
was running before with a drogue. They didn't try an anchor from the
I brought up this discussion as there was a comment on the
KSSboatyahoo group from Derek Kelsall about a multihull designer
asking to be taken off a multihull. He had a para anchor but from
what I can gather the boat was yawing so badly he felt in imminent
danger of capsize. As Mark pointed out, John Hitch considered the
alternating tensions so bad that they could trip the boat. This
suggests considerable yaw.
With a parachute, it seems the sensible thing to do to have the bows
facing the waves, but this also means the boat is moving backwards.
If a large lump of whitewater hits, the boat is going to go very fast
backwards down the wave as the rode takes up the tension. This
doesn't seem optimal to me. This seems at least as much or more
strain on the transom and rudders than the white water hitting the
stern if the parachute was over the stern. Then again many people
swear by the parachute from the bow and found it comfortable.
For multihulls I think the individual boats need to be tried from
both ends and see which one is more comfortable.
The Jordan series drogue makes sense to me for reducing point loads
and being either a drogue or an anchor depending on how much you let
out. The design is very simple and there is no patent on the product
so anyone can make it themselves, or buy it. I have heard good things
about the design from friends on a mono (Yes I do have friends and
some of them actually sail monos) and they lie stern to- but it is a
double ender. I plan to make my own out of an old gennaker or similar
with 1 to 1.5oz cloth. There should be some around with reasonable
cloth left in them but bagged out. Not sure where I find the nylon
tape needed

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