Subject: Re: [harryproa] Re: Drogues and Para Anchors in practice
From: jerry freedomev
Date: 2/16/2006, 9:45 PM

             Hi David and All,

David Howie <> wrote:
Agreed, I've used drogues on numerous occasions (monos), wouldn't go offshore
without one (mind you I've used anchors and sails, doesn't have to be a custom
made model).
Anchors worry me as I've heard too many stories of cock ups, hard to
deploy/recover etc. Which is why I chose the drogue in the first place.
Also as VERY FEW boats ever go offshore , even fewer get caught in the
ultimate storm, for most of the people here this is purely academic.
        Here around Fla in the summer, it can get academic a couple times a day  8^D  
90mph thunderstorms are not unusual.
        Plus we had  6 hurricanes in the last 18 months!!
        Now you know why I chose multihulls, proas, to safely survive these comfortably!! You can have my share of monos!!
        Also I believe around NZ-Au, North Sea, ect, it's not academic either! Anytime you leave shore, you should be ready for most anything.
       When setting a sea anchor/drogue it should be set 1 or 2 wavelengths from the boat so both sea anchor/boat move with the waves together, lowering problems, forces. 
      For size I like about the WL beam of both hulls plus a little should give you about the right size. More if a lot of windage or lightweight. 
       Thanks to those who gave places where I might find out about Steve.
                  Jerry Dycus

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Subject: [harryproa] Re: Drogues and Para Anchors in practice

.....I see these as probably the most important points,


--- In, jerry freedomev <freedomev@y...> >
>                  Also I don't think many here have much idea in a
storm just how much pressure is on a sea anchor and much worse, a
parachute size one. It's line should always be lead back to a large
>                  Everyone should once they have their boats done, go
out in 25k or so winds and try out deploying, recovering, laying too in
different ways to see how your boat works instead of trying to figure
out in an emergency. It will give you much more confindence afterward.

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