Subject: [harryproa] Re: Materials list
From: "Robert" <>
Date: 2/17/2006, 12:25 AM

Not a great deal of difference.$83 for a 1200x2400x10mm sheet with
the top quality scrim suitable for vacuum bagging. Slightly cheaper
than Kiri at 1.20 a lineal m 40mm wide of the order of 25 - 30% for
core, based on the web available prices I could find. You need extra
glass, probably a little extra resin for the scrim, compared with how
much the timber soaks up, but less bogging and glueing. By the time
you include all the resin and glass the total savings are probably
about 10$ for the hulls. Maybe a little more by the time you include
fairing and sanding.

Jim Baltaxe would love to be able to start building, and there are a
few NZers already involved, Rob and Bain for a start.
It gets me that the price of NZ grown timber seems to be cheaper in
Australia. Don't know if the reciprocal works for Kiri.

Seems to me you're getting serious about building. May be worth
checking out the KSSboat yahoo group as a start for tips on using
synthetic cores.
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> When I get it sorted I'll send it to Rob, I wasn't going to show it
here as I
> didn't think anybody would be interested (unless they were thinking
to come to
> NZ and build a Harry). Certainly there exists a strong argument for
> the mast(s) made,
> My 10% increment was a result of asking Rob directly, interestingly
if I do it
> your way and convert currencies the results are nearly identical.
> How much price difference does the polycore make to the total boat
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> For the 9mww Harry I took the harrrigami list and multiplied it by
> 1.1*3=~1.32 as the weight goes up with the cube of the length.
> polycore instead of strip plank, I came to <A$20000 for the boat
> without sails and easy on the bog, sandpaper and paint. I don't
> if Bain has a thorough material list. I reckon I'll get the masts
> made as the factory seems to getting it down to a fine art.
> regards,
>  Robert
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> >
> > Rob
> >
> > I took the h'gami list given here and put it on a spreadsheet,
> > added quotes where I could for the same item in NZ$, the really
> small
> > stuff or where I couldn't get a price (read carbon tow) I took the
> > figure added 10% for Harry then converted to NZ$ again.
> > I ended with a guesstimate for Harry materials of $20,000NZ, but I
> > note there is no figure for windows and hatches and a few other
> > things, and where do you get a cleat for $2.00?
> > Anyway I was hoping if I tidy it up and made it legible you
> > mind having a look and giving me an opinion. No rush as I'm still
> not
> > planning anything before Late April/early May.
> >

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