Subject: Re: [harryproa] Re: Materials list
From: David Howie
Date: 2/17/2006, 9:14 PM

Depends on your definition of serious. At the risk of boring everyone here,
five years ago I would have started on Visionarry, or had Rob build it. But
while I was off cruising my lawyer (who had full power of attorney) screwed me
out of a moderately large sum of money, that put me into a terrible cash flow
squeeze and I was forced to sell five inner city pieces of Auckland real
estate that I owned value then around $2m. This was 2001,  as they were
heavily geared I barely escaped with my house. since then Ak prices have more
than doubled. Hope that didn't sound too bitter.

Anyway, I'm slowly getting back into it, and yesterday entered another (much
smaller) deal on a commercial property. I've borrowed more than the purchase
price to cover costs til I get it cleaned up and tenanted. The hope is that I
can do this within 2-3 months and then there will be enough left over to start

I never realised choosing a boat to build would be so difficult. I have to
admit in my searches I hit the Harry site several times and kept going,
thinking "just another nutcase". It wasn't till I was referrred here by an AK
multi owner (Sundreamer) that I took the time to look and read properly.

My major reservations at present 1) I'll be stuck with an orphan that I'll
never sell 2) it looks like at least a two year project and I'd like to sail
it before I need walker. 3) can I do it.
But at some point you've just got to decide whether to shit or get off the

Seems to me you're getting serious about building. May be worth
checking out the KSSboat yahoo group as a start for tips on using
synthetic cores.

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