Subject: [harryproa] Test navigation data logging
From: "dominiquebovey" <>
Date: 2/20/2006, 9:41 AM

it is a pity that Rob has only the max speed of the day sail (btw
almost 17kn in 15kn wind is impressive).
I tried to find a GPS logger program you can run on a Palm PDA (with a
GPS "mouse" or regular GPS connected to it) but the ones I have found
log only the position, not the speed, BRG, etc.
The ideal setting would be a palm device, with an improved logger SW,
and a GPS, and a optionally battery, put in any kind of watertight
bag. You start the logging before the sail, stick the bag in a safe
place, and in the evening you can analyse the runs, speeds, etc.
Advantage: it is absolutely unattended in navigation.

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