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Date: 3/1/2006, 10:30 AM

I have not seen the spreadsheet (or the email that accompanied it) either.  Maybe post it on the files section of the list, or send it to me and I will do so.
I got the following from Bob August at Polycore which may reduce your prices.  .
"There appears to be some genuine interest in Polycore within the Harry group and with that in mind I make the following offer I will supply Harry builders with 10mm Polycore sheets 1200 x 2400 if they can find enough people to purchase together 200 sheets, I will supply  @ $55 each Gst included this is a one of offer and only to Harryproa.
By the way, 3m Jetmelt glue is used to join Polypropylene."
When you are ready to order resin, glass etc, let me know and I will see if I can get you our prices.  You will need to order in bulk, but we will buy back any glass left over at the end of the job.  Your resin price looks pretty good, the glass looks high and the kevlar is incredibly cheap.
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-That seems a reasonable price. Botecote has a product called
contracter wich is a 5:1 that retails at not much more than $10 a
litre-for 240 litres-and a only a slightly cheaper  price than ados
for the  24 litre pack. This is suitable for resin infusion if you
want to go that way.
I haven't seen your spreadsheet and so don't know how much resin you
have catered for but taking Harrigami and adding 30%, prices I
checked on locally today in Darwin I get about 150litres~$1700 and
150m2 of 400g double bias at about $8; 60m2 of tri glass at $13; 20m2
of 200g kevlar at $8 m2 for extra puncture resistance for the bottom
of the hull$;$2200 for fabric 100m2 of polycore at $30 m2.$3000.
Overall I work on 100m2for the hulls and crossbeams and approximately
$70/m2 before bogging and painting, not counting uni and carbon tow
and fabric. Can't see it being more than another $3000 and another
$2000 for consumables(this is just a guess- I could be a factor of
two out) total $12000. With plans and making hatches and rudders it
comes to under $20000
This is not counting the mast/s which could be in the order of
another $5000 each in fabrics and tow. Looks like the cost of the
mast and fittings with Mark  making them, would be about the same as
the cost of the materials for the rest of the boat.
Working on the figure of 2.3kg/m2 that Rob gave for his friends
polyprop honeycomb floor, there is only 50kg of resin in the
laminating of the glass skins. I am assuming the rest is used in
waste, bogging and gluing and mast making, so if getting the masts
made , probably take off 40-50kg resin.

In, David Howie <dana-tenacity@u...>
> I haven't found anyone here that will sell it other than in 20litre
lots. $400
> for West, $260 for ados, can't find Botecote here.
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> I checked out the prices on the web and they were more than ATL
> (`$3500delivered for 200 litres) or Botecote. Is this the price for
> enquiries for large order?
> Robert
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> >
> > New quote on the resin $400 cheaper. Product is called Ados/CRC.
> hadn't
> > heard of it, ran into a guy who used it on a Newick Tri here,
> it. Do you
> > know anything about it?
> >
> >
> > Cheers
> > David
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> > Here at last.
> > I know it's not very scientific (I invented 28% of a box of
> screws), but more
> > along the lines of a feasability study.
> > Appreciate anything you can add.
> >
> > Cheers
> > David
> >
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