Subject: Re: [harryproa] Materials list
From: "Rob Denney" <>
Date: 3/3/2006, 3:00 AM

Getting the mast and materials from us, maybe the beams as well will make shipping sense.
Good luck with the real estate.
Look forward to the conversation.  :-)  The una, schooner or Easy rig will all be reasonably close in speed.  Sail area and most importantly, weight is what will make the speed difference.  Gotta admit, that since my una rig testing, I am now in favour of that over the others, mainly for simplicity, weight  and cost sake.   However, with relatively heavy windward hulls, it may still be a good idea to have some sail in front of the mast.  This is something we can test on the easy rigs of Rare Bird and Bain's boat before anyone commits to a una.
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From: David Howie
Sent: Thursday, March 02, 2006 12:29 PM
Subject: Re: [harryproa] Materials list

That's Kiwi dollars. All I did was take the harrigami list and add 10%, then I
went and priced the more expensive items locally. For the rest I increased the
Harrigami price by the same proportion. At this stage I assume there will be a
number of items it will be cheaper to buy from Rob and ship, but haven't got
that far yet. Also there is a strong argument in favour of Rob building the
mast. What I was after here was an answer to "can I afford it?".
My personal situation now revolves around a commercial real estate deal,
either it will be all go in 2-3 months or I'll be in the poor house.
I also need to have a long conversation with Rob if it does happen to try and
decide which permutation of Harry to end up with. Currently (subject to
change) Harry in Kiri with the una rig (only one mast to build, but is it
FAST?) I think if you are going to build something radically different it has
to be very fast.

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Received: Wed, 01 Mar 2006 04:30:05 PM MST
From: carlos Solanilla <>
Subject: Re: [harryproa] Materials list

when you say $19.9K is is Aus or NZ? and is this procuring the materials from
Rob's guys to be placed on a container or procuring the matrials yourself?
  Prices do not include tax,      Total sailing            $19,868.10        

oceanplodder2003 <> wrote:
        I'll try pasting it here, format is lost but you should be able to
figure it out. Mast and boom figures are pretty much a guess. This
leaves me a little room to manouvre but not much.                            
Prices do not include tax, or freight from Perth.                            
                              plus10% in $NZ            NZ Quote           
Item                  cost                                   
8mm Paulonia sq m                  770            $920            1200       
420 double bias sq m                  984            1176            1320    
6mm ply sheet                  80            95            112           
440 gsm uni sq m                  120            143            172          

9mm ply sheet                  45            54            75           
3.6mm ply sheet                  30            36            33.75          
Resin kgs                  1320            1578            1820      Total to
this point $5118 or 28% increase     
polystyrene slab                  32            38                  From here
added 28%     
Glue powder 10 litres                  17            20                  thus
1802 x 28% = 2306                 
Filler powder 10 kgs                  80            95                       
           Suspect will be hard to match ,
fiiler glue and paint prices from early investigations, still looking
20 l (5.25 gals) epoxy primer                  200            239            
16l (4.25 gals) lpu top coat                  256            306             
trampoline                  100            120                               
1 box short screws                  10            12                         
1 box long screws                  10            12                          
Rudder bearings 4*$35                  200            239                    
Mast bearings 2*80                  200            239                       
5 Sheaves                  10            12                                  

14m 8mm (5/16") alloy rod                  56            67                  
4 horn cleats                  8            10                               
3 medium cam cleats                  72            86                        
halyards 33m (110') 6mm (1/4")spectra                  99            118     
     How high is the
shrouds 18m (60') 8mm (5/16") spectra                  84.6            100   
main sheet 16m (53') 10mm (3/8)polyester                  32            38   
VB cord 10m                  12.5            15                             
Carbon tow 60m (200')                  30            36            5118      
Champagne for launching                  10                        2306      
Total for hulls and beams                  4,868.10            5804          
7424            Build
mast,boom,rudders myself     
professionally built mast                  7,000                
8000AU=8700nz Plus Shipping                       
boom                  500                  765                       
rudders                  1,500                  2300                  3921   

dacron sails/f/glass battens                  3,500                  4500    
plans                  2,500                  3250                       
Prices do not include tax,      Total sailing            $19,868.10          
      $26,949                  19105     
or freight from Perth.                                                       
   $19105 is my best guess if I do
everything myself, excludes those things noted.
1) Consumables (sandpaper, jig saw blades, vinegar, gloves, brushes
and rollers) are not included as the quantitiy used varies between
2) Frame and set up material is not included. 5 sheets of 16mm mdf,
plus 60m of 200x100 (200' of 4x2) cheap lumber should be plenty.             
3) Tools are not included. See article on Harry for what is required.        
4) We are working on a technique for amateurs to build the mast. If
successful, this will lower the mast cost to $1,500, and the overall
cost to $14,500                 
Any questions, please ask. Any criticisms, or faults, let me know. It
is far easier to fix things now than later (Contact Rob).                 

Not included            Antifouling     
            Toilet (bucket)
            Foam, bunks

How do you attach tramps?           

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