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Date: 3/3/2006, 4:28 AM

No need to shape the edges, especially as there is a fair bit of taper on a lot of them.
Polycore is indeed fascinating.  It has a fluffy scrim bonded to the surface which resin sticks to, far better than to foam or wood.
Your attitude to knowledge is sound.  By the time you have finished, you will be as big an expert as any of the pro guys.  Keep the questions coming.  Better to ask before you make a mistake than after.
Completely understand your wife's attitude to Australia (more precisely, Australians), but the ones in the harryproa shed are pretty nice guys. ;-)  Well worth a visit to see Bain's boat.  
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Part of the problem is to know whether you are comparing apples with
orangutans. That price for paulonia is raw planks, need to be dressed and cut.
Don't know whether the planks are to be cambered on the edges. Poly sounds
fascinating, lots of unanswered questions, how does anything bond to it? can
an amateur work it successfully.
Speaking of amateur I started off thinking I knew something about this boat
stuff, but the deeper I dig the less I know.
Pity there isn't somebody else nearby who was thinking of building a Harry.
Trying to talk my wife into a trip to Aus when Bain's boat hits the water
(presumptive of me isn't it?), she doesn't think much of Aus, but she has
given the project the green light if the funding happens.

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I couldn't get near that price for Poulonia. Suspect rob can get much
better prices on glass and carbon. Probably worth the freight. May have
to wait on carbon till the shortage is overcome and prices approximate
manufacturing costs rather than scarcity. Can you give areas of
materials to allow comparisons?
My calculations for polycore are with no ply, larger cockpit/saloon and
a cockpit cover like Bain's.
Overall calculations are not that different. I get in the order of $30k
sailaway with schooner rig, including consumables. only $10k for basic
boat materials.

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