Subject: Re: [harryproa] Great Lakes sailing and proas...
From: jerry freedomev
Date: 3/8/2006, 8:04 PM

               Hi Dave and All,

dave_at_lake <> wrote:
I had an interesting conversation to a nice mono-hull cruiser/racer
couple at the chicago sail show about lots of things - the comments
about cats where a dismissive - but the lack of cats bigger than
20feet on Lake Michigan is pretty clear!
      Typical monohullers bull as in any sea state, wave length, I'd much rather be in a multi, especially a proa or cat and I've sailed the great lakes.
     I was a monohuller, ocean sailor before coming to multi's and heard and thought all that was true myself until I rode in a McGreagor 36' cat and found out most everything bad said about mlti's were wrong. And with a little engineering, design, the few 'bad' points which wre not really, were minimized. I now only go in multi's for comfort, room, safety vs a mono.

On cats his comments were
* the wave length on the lakes tend to be very short because the waves
come from local weather and are still being driven when they reach u..
and hence uncomfortable for cats.
         But not 1/3 as uncomfortable as the monohullers are!! Assuming you are not beam to the seas, the narrow hulls average the waves out nicely providing a much smoother ride than mono's every could.
* access to docks is restricted if the beam is more than 12 feet !
       This to is wrong as many shallow water docks that mono's can't use open up giving a inexpensive docking in most places. Luckily on multi's, you have so much more room, deck space that one can anchor out so one doesn't even need a dock. And a multi can anchor in waves and in an open rodestead where mono's could never hope to anchor comfortably.
       While there are bad multi designs, a good one vs a good mono, the multi is going to win every time.
       And once a woman gets onboard for a sail, they will never go back to mono  8^D
                    Jerry Dycus
* access to harbours is resticted if draught is over (I think he said)
6 feet (not a problem for cats but does cause issues for many of the
bigger cruisers that were displayed at the show)

comments welcomed!!


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