Subject: [harryproa] some more Elementarry data points
From: "Rob Denney" <>
Date: 3/9/2006, 9:24 AM

Sailed on Sunday, 10 knots of breeze, went past a Hobie 17 and a Nacra 18 sq downwind, was matching them upwind for speed, but pointing higher, although they were a fair distance off, so not sure how much.  They were trapezing, I was sitting in the middle of the tramp.  Got some photos which I will post soon, including some of a shunt.  Looks pretty boring, took 40 seconds according to the camera clock, but I had a sheet jam.  Best so far with the single rudder is 20 seconds from dump sheet to sheeted on and sailing straight on the other tack.
Today, 8-12 knots of breeze, I tried my 40 sq m Outleader kite.  Got it up, but not for long.  I am not as good with these babies as I thought I was. Need to start with the basics and then try the tricky stuff.  Be awesome when I get it going, though. 
Then went for a sail.  Shunted behind a 49er sailing downwind in a series of broad reaches, both crew on trapezes  These winged skiffs are fully powered up in 8 knots of breeze with 22 sqm of main and jib and 38 sq m of spinnaker.  I was creamed.  With only 11 sqm of sail, I could not get enough apparent wind to justify sailing to apparent wind angles.  They had a few control problems and I pulled back a little, but basically I was not in the same ballpark, not helped by 20 kgs of wet kite, strings and temporary winches..
They eventually dropped the chute and headed back upwind.  I waited for them to pass me, we exchanged pleasantries, then they sheeted on, both trapezing and took off, looking very fast.  I was behind and to leeward and expected another drubbing.  Sheeted on, sitting in the middle of the tramp, not flying a hull, ignored the top batten which was stuck on the other tack and concentrated on going as fast and high as possible. Felt really slow and underpowered.   A mile later, they were behind and beneath me.  I waited and repeated the exercise, twice.   They then bore away, hoisted their chute and took off.  I sailed dead down wind and did better than previously, but was still a long way back. 
The skipper came over afterwards for a look at the boat and confirmed that they had been trying hard and that El was a rocket upwind.  Very satisfying.  Can't wait to build the wing mast and see how much difference a well set up rig makes.  
20 minutes from arriving at the ramp to ready to sail today, and about the same to pack it up. 
25-30 knots forecast for Sunday, should be fun against the Tornados.  Now that my wife thinks she takes photos like Beken I may get some shots of the boat in a breeze and to practise my capsize/righting techniques.. 

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