Subject: Re: SV: [harryproa] some more Elementarry data points
From: "jjtctaylor" <>
Date: 3/9/2006, 10:50 PM


I have suggested to Rob a rigid Biplane wing set which is functionally easier to use, and a
symmetical foil is really not a complicated effort.  Just takes time to fab.  Chain or pulley
set inside the LW hull gangs the wings together so only a single air rudder is needed. 
Simple teleflex cable to the rudder controls wing angle of attack.   Rob has an aeronautical
engineer friend who has a foil shape that would work.  Only technical effort is what Rob
does best, optimize the wing spar for weight and strength. 

Wings size is 4 x 20 ft each for proper aspect ratio and satisfactory performance.   The
real fun comes if he can overcome the downwind velocity loss (bubble) by accelerating at a
beam reach then bearing off downwind as he moves faster than downwind air, moving the
air forward as he bears off.  Wings can do that if the hull efficiency is right.  Then you have
true screamer, upwind and down !


--- In, Kenneth Hernemalm <hernemalm@y...> wrote:
> Congrats Rob, that is quite a feat!
> Maybe not that surprising about the Una rig working so
> well - Elementarry being a low drag boat is obviously
> well matched with a low drag rig. Good move! Will be
> very interesting to see how it works out with more
> canvas. Optimizing for low drag with a wing mast
> should pay off. Can't help thinking a rigid wing would
> be cool on Elementarry, but i guess that would not
> make Elementarry very elementarry ;)
> Still planning for a Europe tour this summer?
> Good luck to leaving Tornados in the wake!
> /Kenneth

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