Subject: Fw: [harryproa] some more Elementarry data points
From: "Rob Denney" <>
Date: 3/13/2006, 9:45 AM

Sailed Elementarry again yesterday.  Unfortunately the photographer had to go homne before the wind got up, so no pics.  I have put some of the boat sailing and shunting in 10 knots breeze in the files section.  The times on the Timed Shunt slide are off the camera.   Was a biyt oof a sheet stuff up, so could have been quicker.  Best so far with this set up is 20 seconds from dump sheet to moving on the new tack.
The breeze eventually got to 20-25 knots.  Passed a 5.8 Nacra reaching with both guys on trapeze (still max on the gps of 16 knots, but at least this time, it felt slower, not faster), then shunted quicker than they could tack from reach to reach.  Suspect they were too scared to gybe.  The Tornados weren't racing so I started with the Hobie 16's, a very competitive crowd in Perth.  I started about a line length to leeward of and downwind of the pin, they all started at the boat end.  By the time we tacked for the top mark, I was mid fleet, pointing much higher, sailing a little slower.   After the shunt, I noticed I hadn't pulled the rudder all the way aft.  Just as I was thinking, "that's going to break", it did.  Sat aft on the lee hull and slowly reached and ran back to the beach. 
Day's work to fix it, but I will wait a while before I do in case any improvemnets come to mind.

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