Subject: [harryproa] Re: moulds
From: "proaharry" <>
Date: 4/2/2006, 9:32 AM

--- In, "David Howie" <dana-
tenacity@u...> wrote:
> Sorry, wasn't too specific. To build harry 2004. I can see how you
get by with
> quarter or half hulls as everything is symmetrical. By bunk covers
do you mean
> what might be called a deck, what about decks on lw hull.
> Looking like we're close to signing a tenant, would be good to make
> commitment before my Bday, 6 weeks and counting.
> Cheers
> David
> Ps think Harry wouls match this for speed?

Bunk covers are the decks, sorry.   Lee hull decks would be built in
the same mould as the sides and bottom, then joined down the middle. 

Happy birthday for 6 weeks.  Hope it all goes well until then.

Re the Wildfire, a Harry would be longer, lighter, less sail area,
similar righting moment, less windage.  Should be quicker in most
conditions, probably close in light air, the cat will clean up
if/when it can fly it's spinnaker unless the harry has a kite.  Harry
has more usable space, double bunks not singles, cheaper to build and
easier to sail.



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