Subject: [harryproa] Re: Elementarry camper ?
From: "petermirow" <>
Date: 4/18/2006, 8:19 AM

Oi Raul,

So, you will be building a 60ft. Visionarry? Thanks for giving us
this good news. This makes two Harrys' beeing built in Brazil in not
too distant future. Aditionally to your Arripiado that is... (one in
Florianopolis). I hope I can get an oportunity to see one of them
when time comes.

PS: Sorry, I'm beeing repetitive, I know. But its good to talk about
good things. ;-)

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<multicascos@m...> wrote:
> Robert
> Thanks for your interest.
> I know we're late, and that was due to a lot of work in our little
boatyard, with 3 cats of a new model, as well as the design and
building of more that 40 different plugs and moulds ........for
nearly every part of that serial production cat............ including
all interior furniture !
> Finally we have put in the water a couple of them and the third is
going very soon.
> See our brazilean work at  also
> We have a video in
> We're planning to continue Arripiado as soon as we start John
Taylor's  60' Visionarry............ and that will happen when Mark
finish the details missing.
> C'mon Mark !
> We'll keep the group informed
> Regards
> Raśl
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>      Date: Sat, 15 Apr 2006 16:36:27 -0000
>      From: "robertbiegler" <Robert.Biegler@s...>
>   Subject: Elementarry camper?
>   I am wondering what is happening to the Elementarry camper.  Last
>   checked, Multicascos still had only renderings of the boat on
>   web site.  If I remember correctly, they were showing pictures of
>   strip planked weather hull being built well over a year ago.  Are
>   too busy with other things and have put the camper on the back
>   Regards
>   Robert Biegler

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