Subject: [harryproa] Re: Self steering harryproa downwind
From: "oceanplodder2003" <>
Date: 6/8/2006, 11:22 PM

I want to build the 12m Harry. I had hoped to fly to Coff's and check
it out and maybe be started by now. The hold up is $$$$$. I need to
find a tenant for a commercial building I own , then I can get
started. Thought it was all done about a month ago but she's dicking
around. We have another potential checking it out Monday and I'm
hoping either he'll take it or the extra pressure will bring the first
player to the table.
I'm not a technical boffin as some on this and other proa sites are. i
just want to go sailing, on a budget, my family has certain
accomodation minimums I have to meet and I need to go fast. Nothing
else i've looked at seems to offer as good a mix of the three. Plus my
naturally perverse nature enjoys the idea of having something weird
and different.
You really seem to have got stuck in and are making serious progress,
haven't been able to find pics tho, any chance of putting them here?

-- In, Doug Haines <doha720@y...> wrote:
> OP,
>   You started building?
>   Yesterday pretty bad. Too difficult making the Camper top in one
piece with the rest of the hull. Possible, but ten times easier if
seperate mould for the deck/cabin top. Never mind, its together now,
hopefully gets easier now on. WW hull is interesting looking.
>    Some LW hull photos up in Yahoo.
>   Doug
> oceanplodder2003 <dana-tenacity@u...> wrote:
>   The only way to find out is get out there and do it, but i suggest
> your biggest enemy will be sea state. It will be easier in flatter
> And you must be preparred to sacrifice speed. Consider the schooner
> going dead downwind (not that you'd ever want to). one sail either
> side and both eased past amidships. This should self steer DDW til a
> big wave comes along.
> Of course wind abeam or forward it should be easy, and if the boat is
> really fast your apparent could be kept on the beam even going
> downwind.  Can't wait to get one in the water and play with it.

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