Subject: [harryproa] Re: Mast raising
From: "Robert" <>
Date: 7/4/2006, 3:46 AM

This is a confidential system that Jim gave me a model of. You would
have to ask him. ALl I can say is that it as far as the folding part
goes and its strength it should work well. As Mark pointed out ,
organising all the other gear is a different matter. I have given it
some thought and I believe it can be done if things are kept
reasonably simple but you have to decide if it is worth it. It
depends very much on your circumstance.

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> >
> > -G'day Mike
> >  I was thinking on similar lines but don't se much problem
holding up
> > the ww hull. There is not an enormous weight off centre and a
> > vertical  bit of box section on the ww side triangulated at the
> > should provide enough support for the hull with a couple of tie
> > straps to hold it against. Either that and/or a support under the
> > junction of the wing deck and hull. This would have to be to the
> > side of the c of g.of the www hull on its own.
> >  If the crossbeams had a temporary controlling system such as a
> > farrier wishbone with a sleeve to allow sliding of the crossbeam,
> > even a complete folding system as designed by Jim Shanahan then
> > only difficulty is moving the lw hulls off the trailer and onto a
> > trolley as everything else can be controlled with a couple of
> > winches. Jim's system makes a lot of sense and would even allow
> > righting from a complete overturning.
> > My personal preference is to launch a folded system where the
> > can then be brought side on to shore and the mast then inserted-
> > possibly with sail attached. The crossbeams get winched out with
> > water supporting the system and you're away.
> >  I have tried to imagine taking the folded boat out onto the
> > and inserting the mast from the water. It seems theoretically
> > possible but would probably be excessively difficult in practice.
> > ...
> Robert, do you have a link or reference to the Jim Shanahan folding
system you mentioned
> here? Googling "Jim Shanahan folding system" yields nothing
interesting, at least on this
> subject.
> Been thinking along similar lines, although with a Farrier-style
link system (properly
> referred to as a 4-bar linkage) and sleeve to join the beam halves.
Keeping the whole
> assembly upright during unfolding might be an interesting
challenge, though ;-)
> One other question: Mike, where was the source that gave you the
absolute unescorted
> trailer width requirement in the US? Been looking for that
information for a while; have
> resorted to corresponding with individual states in the meantime. I
also tape-measured a
> large bulldozer at a stop here in Colorado once, it was very close
to 12 feet wide and
> entirely escort-free.
> This is a fun problem!
> Regards,
> Mike


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