Subject: [harryproa] Re: Mast raising
From: "Robert" <>
Date: 7/6/2006, 9:35 PM

The rig is lying supported by the water, easily removed from the
hull,lashed to lw hull and after bringing the boat and trailer into
the car park is lifted onto the roof with the gantry attached to the
trailer. (Depending on the rig, it may have to be packedup further
before it can fit into width limits) This does require space in the
water but sometimes there is space nearby to the ramp where this can
be done. If there isn't space, then the rig has to be removed early,
requiring a gantry or jacking mechanism with supporting stays and
hinging set up on a sleeve
There is a little difficulty in reverse as gravity is working against
the raising of the mast as the hulls separate. This can be done on
the water but requires a bit of a fiddle. If there is space to put
the full width boat in the water, the separation and subsequent rig
raising can be done on the hard using a fork lift type attachment on
the bull bar of the fwd used to tow.
Park the trailer, disconnect the car from the trailer,drive it to the
foklift attachment and attach it, lower the rig onto the forklift
attchment then drive the rig into position and slide it in. similarly
insert the rudder blade Drive the car to where it can lift out the lw
hull using the fork lift attachment and attach the lw hull in such a
way that it can rotate and end up vertical snug against the vertical
part of the fork lift. Lift up the supports on the trailer for the
crossbeams, lower the lw hull so the supports take the load ,
reconnect the trailer, and back it into the water. There may be
stabilty issues with the trailer that need to be addressed by either
moving the whole boat over to ww on side extensions on the trailer or
ballast to ww on the trailerand take the boat to the water.
--- In, "Mark Stepehens" <stephens@o...>
> A Visionarry is brought in sinlgle handed towards the waiting
trailer. The skipper casually pulls two pins, the boat folds and the
bows locate in the trailer guides. The skipper jumps off, attaches
the trailer winch, hits the remote and stands back as his pride and
joy lifts secury in place. A couple of tie down straps and he's off
with a big grin.
> I'd give a great deal to be that delighted :>)
> Damn, forgot about the rig. There's always something that gets in
the way of a good idea.
> M
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>   > Making a Harrigami fold is difficult enough but a sail onto the
>   trailer Visionarry I suspect will remain a dream. It is a very big
>   boat. If you only intend to trailer a few times a year you may be
>   better off building a simple Visionarry with plug in beams and
>   to spend a day or two loading. Of course I would be delighted to
>   proven wrong.
>   >
>   > Mark
>   Sounds like a challenge, Mark!
>   What would you give to be that delighted?
>   And what would constitute proof for you as in "proven wrong"?
>   Jim


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