Subject: [harryproa] Re: moulds for Visionarry
From: "Robert" <>
Date: 8/26/2006, 4:40 AM

I'm hoping to use a modificaton of the KSS system of derek kelsal
using polyprop honeycomb. I have made a couple of 1:20 models in
cardboard-of a Harry using the half hull technique and managed
something pretty close to the design as I remember it so it seems
plausible. Rob is playing with polyprop at the moment and he and Mark
should have some idea of the practicality of the idea, though I don't
know how keen he is about once again having to modify the designs to
be able to use the technique and i am not sure of the ethics of not
slinging a few dollars dereks way for his intellectual effort.
Possibly going to one of his workshops would be a good idea.
In, Doug Haines <doha720@y...> wrote:
> There are probably some ways of cooperating to make building
easier, and contacting others in the area is a good idea.
>   Doug
>   PS Nice sailing weather around, seabreezes and warm spring temps
> chrisultrabat <chrisultrabat@y...> wrote:
>   since I started this in ignorance, I should finish it ...... I
spoke to Rob Denney and he has
> convincingly said that the cost of moulds is very, very
substantial, and that in his opinion the
> investment is not merited.  also the design becomes completely
fixed, not allowing for any
> variation or progress without a big cost.  If I had read the early
pages of this site, I would
> have seen that the topic was raised and dropped by about 2003.
> Chris

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