Subject: Re: [harryproa] Camper Elementarry
From: "Rob Denney" <>
Date: 9/19/2006, 9:26 PM

Pity about Harrigami, great about Elementarry!

The plans are ready, there is an amateur built one being launched this week.
The wing mast is a full length tube mast with a polystyrene/glass nose
piece, and sandwich sides glued on to bulkheads on the back.  Not too
difficult, but as Youri has a mould, it is probably easier to get it from
him.  Not as much fun, though.

The telescopic beams work well, although lacing up the tramp each time is a
bit of a nuisance.  I have found it is easier to disassemble the beams on my
boat.  But I have a nice soft beach to do this on.  Without the beach,
telescoping is a better way.

My boat has one rudder, which works well, except at low speeds when turning
is a bit slow unless you shift your body weight as well.  The actual design
of the tracks that the rudder moves on is not yet ready for release.  Mine
work, but they are a bit complex and require the removal of the leeward half
of the trampoline (which completely solves the problem of lacing it on!).
My recommendation at this stage would be to use the two rudders mounted on
the hulls, and see how mine develops.

By the way, I have a source of some low cost carbon uni if you are

Attached are some pictures of my boat with only one mast.  This works very
well.  It also has one rudder, but this is not very visible.  Check out the
photos on the yahoo harryproa chat group  as well.  Any questions, please
let me know.



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Subject: [harryproa] Camper Elementarry

> Rob,
> I'm afraid I won't have enough time and money to finish building of my
> Harrygami in the next 2 years (and space in my boatyard also). Anyway I do
> have some money and few time. So I'm thinking about building first an
> Elementarry Camper.
> I've spoken with Youri from Wangka. I could buy him the leeward hull and
> parts.
> My question is :
> - Are the plans ready for this boat ?
> - How is built the wing mast ?
> - How are telescopic beams ?
> - Is there 1 or 2 rudders now ? Is the option validated at sea ?
> Do you have more pics or designs than on the website for this particular
> version ?
> Kind regards
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> Nicolas Vivier
> Icarai
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