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From: "Myriam & Youri" <>
Date: 10/29/2006, 11:01 AM

Dear Doug,



Dear Wangkas,


Nice pictures and all, but where is a finished sailing boat?

            We know it takes a long time, but sometimes we have other worries on our minds … like carbon spars for classical yachts where we have to sort out two boats, masts, booms, sprits, poles etc,  we have to make molds and plugs for rudders, keels and bulbs, … for the carbon parts we are achieving and testing  a construction method VAPM (vacuum assisted pressure molding that gives us autoclave quality laminates (not only on the voids ratio but also on the compression side) in our pressure molds( compression +-5 Bars) which can produce one piece parts, which is not possible by standard autoclave procedures. We are also currently testing a method for direct CNC mold cutting for parts construction …

Also, what do you hope to acheive with around beam?

 They are not only rounded in length but also elliptical in section and will be constructed VAPM… less windage, better stress distribution, less wave interference …

Thanks again for your mast section, it is coming together.

            We are glad, how are you going to construct it ?

The boat really swings around at the moment without masts up and I wonder if it can be helped? More a question for the cruising boaters - do you plan doing cruising Elementarries?

            What do you mean with swinging around ? I suspect we will but that depends on the interest shown … for the moment we have some asks for quotes from France, Switzerland and Germany



Best regards,



Myriam & Youri

Wangka bvba









yaendenboom <> wrote:

Dear people,

Our site has been updated.
We kindly invite you to have a look at:

Suggestions and criticism is welcome at:

Thank you very much,

Myriam & Youri
Wangka bvba


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