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Date: 11/5/2006, 8:41 AM

Good thinking.  There is a 60 footer on the drawing board which uses something similar, but midway between the hulls.  Owner paid us to build a 15' version, then part way through it decided he wanted to go canal boating round Europe, so could we design a canal boat as well.  Looks like Rudolph (Blind Date will be building it), no idea what is happening with his proas.
Getting the rudders off the hulls is the next step for the cruisers, and this is may be a better way than hanging them off the beams.  Do you want to try it on your boat?
Not sure if you are on the multihull mailing list, but I have just suggested a new class.  400 sq' sail area, no other rules.  First race around a one mile dia circle in SF a fortnight before the solo transpac which is the second race. 
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Subject: [harryproa] Appliance garage

I think I have solved the rudder problem.  Why not build a third
hull!  Seriously just a small thing that runs between the beams where
the current rudder slides, and indeed outboard at both ends a tiny
amount. This hull would really be a pod that probably does not touch
the water, but allows the ready and sturdy mounting of fixtures.  if
you want a motor, ok cut it out for  motor mount of sled.  Want two
fixed boards like cheers or Kauri, make to BD slots.  Want a central
slot or two to balance a monosail build a few of those.  want a
sliding slot for a continuously repositionable board, use thee pod to
make that a stiff structure.  Want two fully rotating boards, then
build them solidly in ball bearing rotateable tubes.  etc.. 
hopefully this would get rid of the Mickey Mouse mountings problem. 

This will make the area near the LW hull solid rather than an open
hole to fall through.  Allow controls in all modes of board-dom to be
above the deckline.  Make it no more likely these boards/mountings
will fail than any other boards.  Eliminate carbon in the boards or
mountings, if a person doesn't want to go that route.  Slamming and
all that shouldn't be a problem since the actual height this pod is
at , is a design decision.  It could be flush to the underside of the
deck with no additional water exposure, though in that case one would
have to stay with the highly cantilevered boards.  There would still
be a more solid mounting and above deck protrusion for all the
boards.  Or one could try to find a lower sweet spot right down to
some immersion in order to maximize the efficiency of the boards.  It
certainly isn't a hull, since displacement is not to be encouraged. 
It's just there for the boards and outboards etc...  If there is some
unused space it could be used for sitting standing, storage, gin pole
mounting, anything useful.

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