Subject: [harryproa] Harryproa website
From: "Robert" <>
Date: 11/19/2006, 10:39 PM

Congratulations Michelle in geting it back up.
Lovely job and nice touch with the archives in showing development
without detracting from the quality of the present versions. My
quibbles are I'd like to see more of Bain's Harry, Rob promised some
construction photos of his latest, and that the FAQs need updating.
Tried bouncing an email off your reply to me but it wouldn't go

Rob, If you haven't already got the polycarbonate dome for the www
hull, they aren't hard to make. I had some experience in with
polycarbonate domes when working on some underwater sediment projects.
Make a mould, hold edges in place and heat with radiated heat such as
bathroom heat lamps. You can lightly suck the material into the mould.
Don't know how much cheaper this is than buying one ready made but it
should be cheaper than having one cutom built.