Subject: Re: [harryproa] Still got some problems
From: "Rob Denney" <>
Date: 11/22/2006, 7:33 AM

Possible causes:
1) Sails are oversheeted, especially the front one.  Treat it like a jib and don't sheet it all the way to the centreline.
2) Foresail is undersheeted.   Make sure it is working and the tell tales are streaming
3) Too much weight in windward hull.  Unlikely, I have sailed with three people on my ww hull no problem.  But try sitting further inboard and see if it makes a difference.
4) Weight too far forward.  Also unlikely, but try moving aft and see if it makes a difference.
5) Rudders are stalled.  Get the boat sailing on a reach with the front sail only, then gradually pull in the aft sail, then slowly come up to hard on the wind.  Watch the flow around the rudders to make sure it stays no turbulent.   This process can be a bit tricky with 2 rudders and 2 rigs and only one person on board.
Try to modify the booms or the rudders so the booms can swing all the way round.  It makes it much easier to get out of tricky situations.
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Subject: [harryproa] Still got some problems


Problems still with my boat.
Speed is obviously very good. Cutting through water and waves very
nice obviously narrow hull beams.
I'm getting into trouble, the boat wants to turn up in to the wind,
I think it is the drag from WW hull.
So when the wind drops a bit, the rudder won't turn the boat back
away from the wind, and so you have accelerating problem so that you
lose you're blown round and the wind is coming from the wrong side,
and I gave up today just took sails down went home. It probably
doesn't help that the booms aren't higher than the rudder tops, so
allowing complete rotation of masts.
Basically unless sailing at speed I'm unable to keep it pointed
anywhere except drifting sideways which is common to boats with no
wind I suppose.
The place here at Mandurah is very tricky with a narrow channel, low
bridges and adverse tides, not to mention usually (Southerly)
adverse winds too (blows you into the low bridge).
Any help anyone?
Outboard defeats the my purpose in the first place but seems to get
you out of the tricky harbour, mooring, channels, then you need to
get moving after which time you can keep a steady course as long as
there is enough wind.
This scenario unfortunately suits a big cruiser with and engine
rather than the small sail boat which is for weaving around in
amongst the shallows.


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