Subject: [harryproa] Mandurah ICW
From: Doug Haines
Date: 12/4/2006, 5:25 AM

Canal boats, house boats and paddle steamers probably about?

Mike Crawford <> wrote:

  The Chesepeake Bay, Delaware Bay, Barnegat Bay, Long Island Sound, and Buzzard's Bay, among others, are all part of the ICW.  There's obviously plenty of space in which to play around in these bodies of water.

  The rest consists of smaller bays, rivers, canals, and manmade channels through marshes.  Most of the ICW is kept dredged to a depth of 4m, but parts are as shallow as 2m.  Multihulls won't have any problem, but the VOR competitors clearly aren't going to go the distance.  Many of the channels are wide enough to permit sailing, depending upon traffic, but various areas do get pinched in.  Nothing is narrow enough to cause any concern for even a boat several times the size of a Visionarry, but one does need to be careful when others are passing through the same gap.

  Given a 15m proa, and good weather, I'd rather be on the ocean.  But if weather does get really nasty, it would be nice to be able to duck into the ICW.  If one is forced to travel during hurricane season, that means that the longest unprotected hop is one to two days from the Bahamas to Florida.  I know of a number of people who have made the trip from Florida to the Bahamas several times in 8.2m and 9m catamarans.

       - Mike

Doug Haines wrote:
ICW, is that mostly a fairly narrow river like passage, or is there some bigger openings like Chesapeake bay?
A boat the size of Visionarry - you better be going places, wherever that means for where you live.
Down here I guess it's up the coast and over to Indonesia.
Suppose Bahamas and West Indies?
Elementarry Cruiser
In the proximity of bridge pilings or other boats? I don't think so.
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They said, get a life. I looked on TradeMe but I couldn't find one.
The boat is always going so fast that it is closehauled (;~)

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