Subject: [harryproa] Snatchblock replacement
From: "robertbiegler" <>
Date: 12/12/2006, 3:43 PM

When I had a look at Blind Date, I saw two fittings on the lee hull,
for snatch blocks to reduce the sheet load and compression load on the
boom when sailing downwind. It occurred to me that sooner or later
there is likely to be a situation when someone either doesn't want to
bother or has no time to either put the sheet into ot take it out of
the snatch block. I think there is an alternative which makes it

Set up a rope bridle traveller on each beam. On this, run a sheet
block with at least a two part purchase, to make sure that the
resultant force is pulling the block to lee on all courses. If taken
aback, the sheet block will move along the rope traveller to release
the sheet, much like the arrangment when the sheet is led directly to
the weather hull. There should be no need to take the sheet in and
out of a snatch block, and the protection against being caught aback
remains. I think. I put a jpeg into files, if the idea wouldn't
work, someone can say so.


Robert Biegler

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