Subject: [harryproa] Re: Visionnary Cruiser v. Sport
From: "Mark Stephens" <>
Date: 12/22/2006, 7:07 PM


Despite the Cruiser and the Sport being very similar in size they are
quite different. The devil is in the detail with boat building and the
Cruiser has significantly more detail. The main differences are:
Saloon- The saloon has upholstered seating with table, a hinging nav
table with chart storage, is enclosed with a bifold door and
removeable window, timber trimming and large surrounding windows.
WW Hull- There is a master cabin with closing door, a second cabin, a
galley with a 200ltr fidge/freezer and a well fitted out head/shower
area complete with pressure hot water.
Deck- There is a deep fore/aft beam running amidships to hold up the
seperate cockpit along with many storage boxes, the hinging ramp and
the walkway. There are two outboards on hinging sleds.

Compare that with the Sport which has a simple fitout and a walkway
with two huge trampolines, one outboard. Extras mean extra weight and
a lot of extra building time.

The idea of the Sport version is to have a very light, simple higher
performance minimalist boat. The Cruiser is just that, a cruising boat
with more luxury and living space. I should expect the Cruiser to
weigh around 3.5 Tonne or more with all the cruising paraphernalia.

Building hours are also a bit unreliable. The Cruiser grew out of the
Sport while it was being built. The owner made lots of requests along
the way which were nutted out during work time. To build one from
scratch would be much quicker and we have a few ideas to speed up some
of the components, such as the beams and the cockpit.


--- In, "Herb Desson" <squirebug@...> wrote:
> Dear Rob or Mark,
> I am confused about the reasons for the differences in weight (3000 kg
> v. 2200 kg => 36%) and building time (4500 hrs v.3500 hrs => 29%)
> between the crusier and sport versions of visionarry.
> Everything seems identical except that the cruiser has a hard top
> cockpit cover, a dinghy ramp and a rearranged saloon. Do these
> account for the differences? It seems hard to believe.
> Thanks for your help.
> Best regards
> Herb