Subject: [harryproa] SideCar sailing again
From: "doha720" <>
Date: 1/21/2007, 2:40 AM


I've got SideCar going again after redoing the rudder attachments so
they are strong enough, a bit more antifouling and a few other bits
and pieces.
After a fun sail with Rob Denney, including a windless half hour
with expert jelly fish spotter Katie (Rob's Daughter), I did a
couple of into the wind goes.
Both were wet and cold in a 15 knot breeze. The water would spray up
off the leeward bow and fly up over the cockpit and me. Otherwise it
would be dry, as was shown as soon as I turned downwind it was
gentle and dry sliding along in the waves.

Rob noted that the booms should rotate around the wing masts as I
should have thought of before, but could retro fit the plastic tube
and glass up without reslipping. This and better purchase on down
and outhauls and a fairer mast should improve performance.

I did about 5 knots down from Fremantle today for 2 hours, but was
cold and as is my usual style took it easy.

I expext another beat tommorrow to get to Mandurah from Penguin
Island, in forecast southerlies.

Incidently, Rob was amazed that my own design masts hadn't broken


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