Subject: Re: [harryproa] Re: elementary and elementary cruiser
From: Doug Haines
Date: 1/22/2007, 5:50 PM

The masts are the same as the hull - strip planked kiri in female molds. I was iven a shape from youri and myriam from holland and scaled that down tapering from full size 30cm long wing, down to half size at the top. I printed out on the computer about 10 or so mold station patterns and traced over onto the MDF.
This worked out except becuase of the taper it was necessary to reverse all the molds for the second halves (Iwrote about this a while back, hulls are symetrical fore and aft but masts are thinner at the top). So the molds weren't accurately positioned so the two halves didn't match up and it is bumpy and lumpy in bits.
I couldn't be bothered fairing it so it is got grinder marks as well.
Strength seems to be what I use for most things as 3 layers of 400g uni inside and out, this is the same as the rudder stock, and beams. The beams and mast taper down to the end with just 2 and 1layer.
The bottom is a round strip planked tube (snub or stub its called) and that comes up in side the mast for a metre an a bit. Some plywood frames inside stop any rotation.
Basically it took a long time and was ending up really heavy, almost beyond getting out on your own, but I have done it a few times to et under bridges and need to do it soon to change the boom join so iyt lets the wing angle into the wind a little bit more.
Rob seems to hve a easy and cheap solution involving polycore. Though you need to use carbon tow to keep weight down. One peice of material is bent round and then squashed in ab it to make the foil section. A peice of small 15mm plastic tube is put on the trailing edge for sail slug track.
How doesw this compre to your freestanding mast. Is it not a wing? It is stepped on top of the deck in the tabernacle?

hardystein2004 <> wrote:
--- In, Doug Haines <doha720@...> wrote:
> Hardy,
> Have you considered thee Harry?
> Is there space for another model in between?
> How do you find the NIS 26?
> Doug
Hi Doug

No , can`t say I have .....I will look a little more ...

The nis is quite nice actually ...its surprisingly fast , and (
relatively ) simple.For daysailing with two adult couples
however ...its not that great , the cockpit is narrow and a little

The girls would prefer the " level sailing " and
space of a multi , they have said so...

I am curious doug , how did you build those masts , and how did you
work out strength etc..?

Best , Hardy

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