Subject: Re: [harryproa] mast pipe
From: Doug Haines
Date: 1/25/2007, 11:50 PM

G'Day Phil Keck,
  Hi, I built and am still building as it needs improving an elemenatrry, and have a query as well on the plastic pipe. This is also used for tiller extensions and I used it as a mold for part of my masts.
  My plans combine the pipe with reinforcing of glass for strength, so the type of pipe is not important, though I beleive you can get thicker stronger pipe you'd save weight by getting thinnest pipe with extra glass for strength. The pipe provides a mold basically and a nice smoothe inside surface for rotation of the mast.
 However for say the tiller extensions and what I plan to do for the sun shade frame, I would like to wrap the glass, or better carbon, round pipe, then release the two parts to give a better strength to weight ratio. Even a small thing like tiller extensions get quite heavy without some better building.
I do not know how to release the two - perhaps some one could advise.
Eg. a mast made spinning carbon on a , is it called a madrel or something? must use some release wax or something. I read abot carbon compression or something when you bang on some carbon, it was in a windsurfing mast are when handling not to drop it on the ground literature.
Also Phil Keck, the Kiri is so weak that the glue is stronger so I think the toungue and groove you're talking about will not do much. You couldn't fit it in anyway as you go round the corners they meet on an angle - hence requiring narrow strips.

pkeck2 <> wrote:
On this page:

Are the mast pipes just made of regular PVC pipe?


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