Subject: [harryproa] Re: Reducing sail with boom out over the water.
From: "Todd" <>
Date: 3/9/2007, 12:44 PM

I'm also curious as to how well the 7 and 12 meter boats will ride
and at what speed in winds 22 to 28 knots with swells of 3-6 meters?

When do we get to see a video of one sailing in similiar conditions?

I don't just want to survive I want to be sailing fast and balanced.


--- In, "Rob Denney" <proa@...> wrote:
> G'day,
> Sorry thought you meant the big boat. At some stage, you will
meet a wave big enough to pitchpole you if you sail down it flat
out. The longer the boat, the less likely this is to happen. I
have only done it once, that was on the river in 20+ knots with the
schooner rig. This was more wind than waves. I would have no
qualms about sailing sensibly in the Perth seabreeze and offshore
waves in Elementarry, but would be a bit careful if I was racing.
Perth waves develope in an afternoon, so they are shorter, closer
together and steeper than trade wind waves which tend to be swells.
These give longer rides, with less work and less chance of piling
into the back of the one in front.
> Can't sail Sunday, got to pick up people from the airport. Maybe
Monday, and if it works, certainly next weekend, either in Perth or
> regards,
> Rob
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: Doug Haines
> To:
> Sent: Thursday, March 08, 2007 2:44 PM
> Subject: Re: [harryproa] Reducing sail with boom out over the
> Hi Rob,
> You're talking about the transpac?
> I mean extra buoyancy for me when I start flying down waves into
the trough!
> You have the experience, what's the sea handling diffrence
between sizes like vis to har?
> Would the waves you might ride out here in a seabreeze, be the
same as say the waves in the trades?
> Doug
> (any chane you'll be going sailing on Sunday?)

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