Subject: [harryproa] Re: Aerodynamics and sailing performance
From: "brag_rotor" <>
Date: 3/10/2007, 5:52 PM

Good points, Rob.

Our experience (mostly in the Wharram community) is that the cost is
often more a function of fit-out than boat design.

Our Tiki30 was designed to be inexpensive to build, and it hit the JWD
cost estimate on the button - for the boat. Once we got itchy
fingers in the chandlery things became expensive. About 50% more
than the basic
sailing boat expensive, and I thought I was being cautious! Oops.

That was 12,000 sailaway, near enough, and 18,000 with GPS,
tilllerpilot, batteries, solar power, de dah de dah de dah.....
1996/7/8 prices - timber, fastenings, sails and epoxy all top quality.

Still very good value, in our view.

Lots of savings to be made by thinking around the chandlery problem -
and the Wharram community does do a lot of this for a builder - the
rig is just one example. One contribution (thanks to Patrick
Orme-Lynch, on 'Alias') is the string snap shackle, featured in 'The
Sea People' (PCA publication - years ago. Ours
work fine, cost zilch, and don't hurt so much if your head stops one.

The other added cost item to watch out for is weight.... Very
expensive in terms of performance. Weight is only useful in an anchor.

Finish - you pays for what you gets, indeed! In hours or in cash,
often in both.

Seems to me that todays prices do indeed reflect the situation with
hand-made boats as one would expect - but then I'm still itching to
get aboard a Harryproa!

All the best, Ben.

PS struggling with webmail on a dialup link. Mailboxes full of spam,
too. Apologies if I seem to be ignoring anyone.

--- In, "Rob Denney" <proa@...> wrote:
> G'day,
> I like the idea of an unstayed mast especially on a boat that
> doesn't need to have gobs of sail area to attain good overall speed.
> Works just as well on gobs of sail area boats, but why anyone
would want this type of boat is a mystery to me.
> Rob,
> If the whole principal behind your designs are minimal material and
> hardware then why such the high price tag $$$$$ on used boats ?
> Good question. The extra money goes into the fitout and the
finish. Both of the boats on our brokerage page are almost new.
They are very cheap compared to a cat of the same space or performance
(in the case of Rare Bird) and a pro built one off cat of the same
performance as the Elementarry.
> Rare Bird's owner strayed from the minimalist approach (and got a
very comfortable, well fitted out boat) and a schooner rigged
Elementarry is not very minimal either.
> regards,
> Rob
> <snip>

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