Subject: [harryproa] Re: Aerodynamics and sailing performance
From: "brag_rotor" <>
Date: 3/17/2007, 9:47 PM

Hi Todd,

....afaik the 'curved plate' of a 'perfect' foresail is as good as it
gets, if (and only if) the foil is 'perfectly' aligned to the flow.

In an imperfect world (boat movement, gusts, wind shear, sail
cut/twist, crew member errors, dozy skippers) the rounded leading edge
of a classical airfoil can work well over a much larger range of
angles of attack - as it needs to. still struggling with dialup here, been purging several thousand
spam emails from the system..... <sigh>

Your rig sounds interesting.

All the best, Ben

--- In, "Todd" <snyder2016@...> wrote:
> So what has a more efficient leading edge the foresail on a wire or
> the mainsal on a thick wing mast?
> I have a rig that would seem to fit a harry style proa the way most
> accomadation and sailing are done from the windward hull. If the rig
> could be built as light as the rig used now.
> Double A frame is also a lifting rig and could be used with solid
> wing sail or soft sails. Only thing it would have to have some
> standing rigging.
> Have a look in the photos double A frame.
> > > <znip>
> >

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