Subject: [harryproa] Blind Date sailing
From: "Rob Denney" <>
Date: 4/14/2007, 10:44 PM
To: <>, <>

Following exerpts from Rudolph after the first three sails on Blind Date, a Visionarry 15m in Holland built by Rudolph for Jan Schipper who will be using it to take blind people sailing on the Ijsselmeer. 
2nd sail
We had BD out for a sail yesterday again. Me and co worker Lieuwe.
Wind about 15 knots. The boat accelerated effortlessly and I think we must have hit 15 knots but let go the sheet before there was time to see.
The sails seem ok. Maybe a bit too deep at the top but that is on purpose as it is easier to cut away extra curve at the luff then to add some.
Mast seems  stiff but we didnīt really have time to watch it.
We were very exited by the speed and ease with which it occurred.
Better then the first trip when lots of things suffered from minor hick ups and everyone was busy getting used to the sight of sails on BD! Plus no wind.
3rd sail
We have been out today. Pulled a steering line turning block off the base.
Wind speed about 7 to 10 knots boat speed 7 to 9.
There doesn't seem to be much difference in balance ( or lack of it ) with boards half way up or down.
Shunting still not too good, but we are working on it. The trick is to turn the rudders first and not too soon pull the sheet.
4th sail
We got things working again this afternoon and went out again. ( Great job! )
13 knots wind speed on the wind 8 to 11 , reaching 13.7 max ( GPS speed)
Pulled up the front rudder entirely. That balances the boat . Aft rudder nicely fore and aft. Steering still very hard, but we found out the quadrant jams hard on the bracket. We are thinking of changing the bearingd and/or trimming the bottom of the quadrant.
When at speed spray is flying straight up off the bow, very spectacularly. I think it should be able to go very fast.
Mast bends aft only above the headstay. Below that sideways. Must say that although I saw more unstayed masts it takes getting used to seeing it bend. So far I would say it is certainly stiff enough.
Today we were happy campers, nothing broke, we seem to have balance in the boat. Possibilities to improve things, what more do you need?
Photos of the first sail in the Photos section of   More phots when we get them

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