Subject: [harryproa] Easy boatbuilding,
From: "Jim Shanahan" <>
Date: 4/22/2007, 3:14 AM

this is a serious charge to make, especially on an international
forum. You are potentially impacting not only Derek's livelyhood but,
more importantly, his reputation.

If there is any possibility in your mind that Derek could have been
working on the same or similar ideas at the time as yourself (and
quite reasonably not telling you), then I strongly suggest you retract
your statement.


> How I became a multihull designer was when
> asking for advice back in 76? of Kelsell when he stole
> the design ideas and showed up 3 months later in
> Multihulls Magazine as the Kelsall 32 Cat ;^D. Expect
> your designs, ideas to show up in his plans soon I'd
> bet as his!

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