Subject: [harryproa] Re: Easy boatbuilding,
From: "Jim Shanahan" <>
Date: 4/22/2007, 2:44 PM

--- In, jerry freedomev <freedomev@...>
> Hi Jim and All,
> --- Jim Shanahan <jameshanahan@...> wrote:
> > Jerry,
> > this is a serious charge to make, especially on an
> > international
> > forum. You are potentially impacting not only
> > Derek's livelyhood but,
> > more importantly, his reputation.
> What is, is!

Facts are facts, true enough. And opinions are opinions. The
conclusion you draw from facts, as you state them, may or may not be
What is apparent, though, is that you haven't made your case. You
haven't shown that your design was stolen; that this can be the only

> And it's not that serious except to designers
> like Rob with a marketable product. Should I not warn
> him, others?

I am gratified that you are now of late concerned for Rob's financial
wellbeing. However, I feel your concern is unwarranted as Rob is in
the habit of broadcasting his ideas well in advance of his final
design or technique. This is well known.

> Have you never stolen an idea? Be honest.

No, I have not stolen someone else's idea and claimed it as my own and
I am sure there are many people like me in this regard.

> There are those who admit it and those who lie.

Does this include yourself?

As I don't admit to stealing, I must not only be a thief but a liar as
well according to your thinking.

You are responding to my email so it is more than reasonable to assume
this comment is directed at me (as well as others, perhaps)

I want an apology.


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