Subject: Re: [harryproa] RTM OR RESIN INFUSION
From: "Rob Denney" <>
Date: 4/23/2007, 9:32 PM

I have used a second hand milking pump to vacuum a 35' hull.  Cost a carton of beer.  We currently use an old pump from an air conditioning shop. Cost nothing.  Works well.   $5,000 is very top of the market.
Once you know what you are doing, it is hard to stuff the distribution.  Liquid resin and glass behave very consistently under vacuum.  Other things you can stuff, but distribution is not one of them.  Always a good idea to practise on small stuff first.  Even better is to practise on some one else's job under expert supervision.  Which is why Derek runs the workshops.  Would be great to see you there and take you for a sail on a Harry.
Vinylester.  I don't like the smell of the stuff, but have no complaints about it's properties.  We are doing some adhesion tests, aimed at seeing if we can use epoxy for the secondary bonding to keep the smell under control.  Apparently there is very little smell with the infusion.  We may end up using polyester.  There are no shortage of very light, very old polyester boats still performing very well.  The very light cat I capsized in the North Atlantic was polyester/foam.  Resisted ramming by the ship that picked us up, two huge Irish stokers with fire axes and a couple of thousand rounds of small arms fire.  Finally succumbed to 50 rounds from the AA gun.  Tough stuff.
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From: Todd
Sent: Tuesday, April 24, 2007 1:34 AM
Subject: [harryproa] RTM OR RESIN INFUSION

I had a friend, surfboard shaper show me how he does resin infusion
to make kiteboards. Pretty kool bypassing the the resin lay up by
hand. But is it cost effective for one off? The materials and
equipment for the set up seemed kinda pricey even back then 4-5 years
ago for just one pump. Not to mention the learning curve . Not
so bad when your only dealing with a sheet 3- 4 feet by 16- 20 ''.
Pretty big hicup when you screw up on a 30' x 4' panel. Not getting an
even distrubution of resin top and bottom.

Was curious as to the refference of only waiting for 1 and a 1/2
hours for set up and your done. This is for polyester resin right, not


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