Subject: Re: [harryproa] Re: Easy boatbuilding,
From: "Rob Denney" <>
Date: 4/24/2007, 10:10 PM

I appreciate that this is a closed subject.  However, Derek considers that he has been wrongly accused of theft and would like an apology as if this sort of accusation is left unchecked, it tends to be repeated until it becomes generally accepted.     I agree. 
Jerry, please retract the theft accusation, or be banned from the list.   For everyone else, this is still a closed subject. 
After a 40+ year career, entirely based on innovation, where there can be no-one whose ideas, concepts and arrangements have been more copied, an accusation of stealing ideas and others warned that I will steal from them, on a public forum, rather takes one by surprise.  It calls for an answer.

The attack continues with an attempt to undermine what we do regarding improving efficiency of boat building, when I am the only person to put in long term effort and to succeed in providing clients with a truly efficient build technique. 

There is something strange here and even more strange now we know the subject of the accusation.   The idea of a Wharram with space.    Some may consider this a brilliant idea.      

Jerry Dycus tells me of a call in 1976.   He remembers the call.  I do not.  I do recall the details of the design and the background very clearly.   I will recount exactly how the Kelsall design in question came into being.  We were designing both open and bridge deck cats, and building both.   This made us very aware of how easy the hulls were and how much time went into the bridge deck projects, after the hulls were complete.   We were always discussing how to save time and how we could get cats, with reasonable space, built at less cost.   A young designer working for me, wanted to build himself a cat to live on, but could not afford the time to do a full bridge-deck cat.  It should be a simple hull shape wide enough for a double berth within the hull.  It was as simple as that.  He did the drawings.    He had use of my table and he built the first Lima 31, with rather wider hulls than our previous open bridge-deck cats.   The design was unusual; for it’s single rudder and single board, which we had just been testing on an open bridge-deck, Leocat. We talked to lots of clients on same lines and built others to the same format.

An “invention” cannot be “obvious”.   An idea this obvious cannot belong to anyone and hence cannot be stolen.  

Regarding the attempt to undermine our way of resin infusion, we have another self appointed expert prepared to condemn and to contradict, without understanding the topic.   For information, if needed we could work with a 5 minute gel time.

We can thank Jerry Dycus for adding one more endorsement of the KSS basic principle.  

Derek Kelsall.

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