Subject: [harryproa] Re: telescoping again
From: "k_s_oneill" <>
Date: 5/2/2007, 12:57 PM

--- In, Mike Crawford <jmichael@...>
> I'll have to contradict myself after having taken a look at some
> the Radical Bay 8000 photos at .
> They have a swept-back una rig with a self-vanging boom that uses
> sails with luff pockets on some versions, and the system appears to
> well. It appears that between the arc of the mast and the battens
> they are able to properly support the sail for decent shape. They
> going with a soft sailcloth for previously-mentioned reasons.
> The halyard arrangement seems a bit odd, though. I'm sure
> and company have reasons for running the line outside the sails, but
> from the photos, it seems as if this would affect sail shape and
> efficiency in the precise location that the luff pocket is supposed
> be helping.

It looks to me as though the halyard is being used there to bend the
mast and flatten the sail when they're reefed; I guess that when
reefed the sail luff tension is not enough to bend the mast.


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